Monthly Archives: May 2014

Enough of the Negativity

One fateful morning I logged into facebook and as I was scrolling through my news feed and one particular status caught my eye and I quote ” Why wont anyone like my status ? Nobody wants to even chat with me …. is it because I am not handsome ?” Now here is what I deduced from what I read, that the person who wrong this is not just a bitter person but very  bitter about something or somethings that have recurred so many times in his life that he has lost all sense of positivity . He cant even look himself in the mirror and say to himself that he is Good enough …. this young man in question is not alone in this Boat of negativity …. there are people out there who are even worse , people who hold themselves in low esteem … they see nothing good happening to them because they have people telling them that nothing good will come out of them and they believe it . Whatever happened to Being careful when choosing words or perhaps these people themselves Were treated the same way and thats the only way they know how ! They know not of another way …. even if they knew why would they want to take another path when Negativity, low self esteem and zero confidence has been imprinted on them by others and its a trade mark on them that, doing the right thing  just  seems soo wrong . So just like animals being led to the abattoir they queue up blindly … falling into this pit where self acceptance looks like a dream out of reach , they condemn themselves soo hard that it hurts …. they begin to hate . They lose all sense of reasoning … they ask questions that nobody seems to have an answer to . Now my question is ….. what will you say to such a person ? Will you help build his or herself confidence or you will just walk on because you feel it is none of your business !


An Attitude of Gratitude

Only those who know that they already have can have more . Those who dont know they have think they have to “Get” . In order to have more , their lives reflect their thinking through Poverty, lack, scarcity, limitations, suffering and Power struggles . It is important that we understand that there is nothing to get….. all we havw to be is Just be Creative ! Truth is we already have our talents and potentials hidden deep within us , all we need do is find it .  Always acknowledge what you already have , always remember to start fron wherw you are , appreciate what you have right now ….. no matter how little it seems in comparison to what others have ….. never forget that all the fingers are not equal .

Instead of Complaining about what you have because it is not enough, always appreciate what you have now ……. There is an old saying that ” I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet . This is one of the most powerful secrets to adding riches to your life . Creativity !

Remember…. always develop an attitude of Gratitude towards whatever you have now and watch how it will begin to grow and Increase .