An Attitude of Gratitude

Only those who know that they already have can have more . Those who dont know they have think they have to “Get” . In order to have more , their lives reflect their thinking through Poverty, lack, scarcity, limitations, suffering and Power struggles . It is important that we understand that there is nothing to get….. all we havw to be is Just be Creative ! Truth is we already have our talents and potentials hidden deep within us , all we need do is find it .  Always acknowledge what you already have , always remember to start fron wherw you are , appreciate what you have right now ….. no matter how little it seems in comparison to what others have ….. never forget that all the fingers are not equal .

Instead of Complaining about what you have because it is not enough, always appreciate what you have now ……. There is an old saying that ” I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet . This is one of the most powerful secrets to adding riches to your life . Creativity !

Remember…. always develop an attitude of Gratitude towards whatever you have now and watch how it will begin to grow and Increase .



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